CoinOR LiveCD

I created a “Coin OR Live CD” based on Ubuntu 10.04 that makes it easy to use a set of packages from the Coin OR projects.

This packaging includes:

  • Python 2.6, iPython and pylab
  • g++
  • CoinOR libraries
    • CoinUtils
    • PuLP
    • Dip
    • Dippy
  • Solvers
    • CBC
    • coinMP
    • GLPK
    • Gurobi 2.0.3 and 3.0.1

The live cd was prepared with Novo, do no hesitate to ask for the presets and process if you are interested in creating a variant.

The installation script has also been updated to use the release versions of the different projects, it works perfectly well under Ubuntu 10.04.


How to use the live CD:

No installation

Burn the disk image and boot your computer with the CD in it. Make sure that the CD Drive is first in the bios boot order.

Warning: it is recommended to save your working documents on a USB stick as all files saved on this virtual installation of the Live CD will be lost at reboot, or mount an internal hard drive.

Virtual machine installation (recommended)

Install Virtual Box on your operating system (windows installer available in the live CD), then create a new virtual machine and install the CoinOR live cd in it (see virtual box user manual), make sure to install guest additions and enable shared folders to be able to save files directly on your file system.

Hard drive installation

Boot the live CD as described in 1 and click on Install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

Warning: be careful when selecting the installation partition as it may result in lost of information, do this at your own risks.

How to use the CoinOR installation script

(Ubuntu/Debian users)

Run the script as root, files will be installed in /opt/coinor (can be changed by editing the script). If you have supported solvers installed, make sure that they are in the PATH environment variable (set up in /etc/environment) and ld library path.

Remember that starting from Ubuntu 9.04 the correct way to add a path (say /opt/solver/lib) to LD_LIBRARY_PATH is the following (as root):
# Add a configuration file to
echo "/opt/solver/lib" | tee -a /etc/
# Update ld libraries information ldconfig
# List *solver* libraries to check installation
ldconfig -p | grep solver

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